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  • The Barama Collection - the gift is in the packaging
  • Barama, together with our sister company hiPP, specialises in high-quality products at exceptional wholesale prices.
    Beautifully packaged gifts are a delight to receive. Our designer wrapping paper, gift boxes and ribbons are sure to leave a lasting impression.

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  • Barama's Gift Wrapping & Packaging Highlights
A wide range of cardboard and shipping boxes

Gift Boxes

Wraps for many occasions

Wrapping Paper



An extensive range of food and hamper packaging

Food Packaging

A wide range of wine packaging

Wine Packaging

Cotton, jute and washable paper packaging

Natural Fibre Packaging

A wide range of hamper trays

Cardboard Trays

Shreds and Fills

Shreds & Fills

Paper bags in packs of 50 pieces

Paper Bags

Tissue paper reams and cellophane rolls

Tissue & Cello