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Christmas 2020...
so hard to believe it's around the corner!

Given all the uncertainty and chaos this year has delivered, we've gone for classically simple designs for the festive season.

Check out our range below & online
Sleigh Ride Wrap
Wooden Garland Wrap
15mm Essential Spot Ribbon
Circle Gift Tag
Wooden Garland Wrap
25mm Grosgrain Stripe Ribbon
Star Gift Tag
Sleigh Ride Wrap
38mm Classic Felt Ribbon  - Forest Green
6cm Wooden Decos
Wooden Garland Wrap
20mm Sheer/Metallic Stitch Ribbon
38mm Christmas Text Ribbon
Christmas Tree Tag
Jute Stocking ; Santa Gift Tag
15mm Starry Sky Ribbon; Nordic Gnomes Wrap
10mm Classic Stripe Ribbon; Nordic Gnome (set of 3)
Gold Blush Wrap; 38mm Metallic Bands Ribbon
38mm Metallic Polka Dot Ribbon; 63mm Xmas Forest Ribbon
Kraft Wrap Basics
Emerald on Brown Kraft Wrap; Kaleidoscope Kraft Wrap
Spot Wrap on Kraft
38mm Plain Weave Ribbon - Scarlet & Sage
22cm Casemade Box & Lid - White
Oz Foliage Gift Cards
Spot Wrap (kraft); Regular Stripe Wrap (kraft)
3mm Wood Wool; 38mm Pretty Polka Ribbon
63mm Xmas Forest Ribbon
63mm Xmas Forest Ribbon - Green/Gold
Reindeer Mist Wrap
38mm Classic Felt Ribbon - Scarlet & White
Confetti Wrap; Regular Stripe Wrap
Scarlet on Brown Kraft Wrap
Raffia - White & Green
Santa Suit Gift Card
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